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How telematics improve road safety for fleet drivers and profits for haulage operators

Improving road safety among fleet drivers should be getting easier every year as technology improves and more commercial haulage operators adopt the latest devices.

Being used more widely in the commercial haulage sector, telematics are simply smart business tools that track what’s happening with vehicles, with drivers and other road users. Telematics allow fleet operators to track a vehicle’s movements and monitor driver behaviour and also offer a range of functions which can help operators and fleet managers enhance road safety and increase operating profits. Having reliable data to crunch means finding out where you need to make improvements and adjustments or provide driver training to improve safety and in turn make your transport fleet more profitable.

Key Benefits for Fleet Owners

The likely return on investment you can expect from telematics will depend on the technology used but at a minimum, you can expect:

  1. Increased cost savings on fuel

Monitoring driving behaviour and vehicle speed allows you to reduce fuel bills, reduce emissions and prevent road accidents.

  1. Increase productivity and fleet efficiency

Keeping track of vehicle movements helps you plan more efficient driver routes, improve delivery times and enhance customer service.

  1. Reduced insurance costs

Installing telematics carries the potential to boost your company’s risk profile, resulting in lower insurance rates.  For example, vehicle cameras designed to increase visibility of any collisions, near misses and harsh driving events can reduce insurance costs and increase road safety.

These tools are developing fast so expect to see more app-based telematics coming on the market in 2017.

At Andrew Bourne we spend time getting to know how your haulage operation works. We aim to get a thorough understanding of your driver operation and we’re interested in helping you find out about and use the latest technology to better manage and train your drivers and brief your support staff to ensure compliance with the latest health and safety legislation. There are many ways we can support you to improve driving standards and your processes for vetting, training and managing drivers. We work hard for you, to create a bespoke insurance solution that’s responsive to your business and supports you to manage your risks more effectively. If you’d like to speak to us, call David Crowther on 0116 272 0770.

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