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Come rain or shine this summer – help your drivers keep their cool

Whatever the weather, the UK’s commercial haulage drivers and those driving at work on a day to day basis are out in it. So far this summer, we’ve seen it all; gusty winds, torrential rain, sleet as well as sweltering sun that melted tarmac.  But what advice are you giving your company drivers to maintain road safety standards and reduce their risks of having an accident or collision.

Come rain or shine this summer – help your drivers keep their cool

The Highway Code gives advice for drivers in all adverse weather conditions that could affect road safety (Rules 226 to 237).  The code highlights the fact that wet road surfaces after heavy rain can be slippery and drivers need to be aware that steering and braking can be badly affected. Drivers need to adjust their speed and increase the distance between them and the vehicle in front.

In very hot weather, road surfaces are hot, softer and combined with higher speeds, cause tyre pressures to increase. Advise all your drivers to check their tyre pressures regularly and ensure they let tyres cool down before reducing tyre pressures or vehicle tyres could be too soft.

Any vehicle needs to be well ventilated in very hot weather and while many newer trucks, vans and company cars will have air conditioning as standard, older vehicles might not have.  Drinking plenty of water will help your company drivers stay hydrated and alert and opening windows to prevent drowsiness and wearing sunglasses in bright sunlight to avoid glare are all tactics that help to keep driver attention sharp. Drivers can avoid becoming drowsy when driving long distance by taking short but regular breaks.

For summer hay fever sufferers, sneezing while driving at high speeds can be very dangerous indeed. But do make sure your drivers know they must only take medication that doesn’t cause drowsiness. Closing air vents and keeping windows closed reduces pollen grains coming into the vehicle and regular vacuuming of car mats and carpets reduces dust and pollen.

Tips and sound advice for driving safely in summer conditions as well as in winter weather can be part of your regular driver training or safety briefings, and ideally included in your Staff and Driver Handbooks.

Our team spends time getting to know how your commercial haulage operation works, to create a bespoke insurance solution that protects your business. We can help you to provide support and advice to all your company drivers to improve driving standards and road safety and reduced accident risks. For more information, please call David Crowther or one of the team at Andrew Bourne and Co. on 0116 272 0770 today.