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Fleet Management & Training

There needs to be a step change of attitude towards managing risk in the commercial motor market.

Fleet owners and insurance companies must work together to ensure fleets can be insured competitively. Fleet owners must play their part in helping insurance companies reduce their exposure to risk in this market.

Insurers must accept their role in helping fleet owners with the tools they need to reduce risk.

The underlying principle: Commercial vehicle driver training based purely on teaching driving skills is not having the required effect to ensure fleet insurance remains competitive for insurance companies. The record of incidents and an abundance of research (over 50 published research papers) confirms this skills training is very limited in producing a sustained improvement in driving standards.

Having CCTV technology in a vehicle is shown to have a positive effect on a driver driving more carefully. Therefore, their attitude to safer driving stays with them whilst out on the road, and is not left in the classroom. With positive reinforcement coaching this impact is amplified.

Coaching must focus on driver behaviour in order to have the most impact on reducing risk.

Useful Fleet Management Motor Suppliers


How's My Driving?

The safe and courteous driving scheme, offering the distinctive “How’s My Driving?” stickers, and supported by report line and regular MI.

For further information, ring How’s My Driving on 01279 415480.

Fleet Safety Forum - Commercial Motor policyholders

The Fleet Safety Forum is a division of Brake, the national road safety charity.

It is dedicated to producing independent, up-to-date information on road risk for employers who have responsibility for drivers and vehicles.

* General rates from £155 plus VAT.

RAC driver training solutions

Whatever your driver training requirement, RAC has the solution to meet your company’s specific needs. Aimed at both managers and drivers, the programmes will help you develop an ongoing risk management strategy to avoid accidents and reduce the cost of running your business vehicles.

RAC provide the following training courses:

  • Training on the road
  • Safety and economy seminars
  • On-line risk assessment
  • Fleet risk management workshops
  • Task observer training
  • Driving licence checking

To find out more about the training solutions available, please visit their website here.
Alternatively, please call 0870 6062606 for more information.

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