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Provision and use of PPE

Personal protective equipment is to be supplied and used at work wherever there are risks to health and safety that cannot be adequately controlled in other ways. Because the effectiveness of PPE can be easily compromised, e.g. by not being worn or used correctly, it should always be considered as the last resort and used only where other precautions cannot adequately reduce the risk of injury.  However, where PPE is the only effective means of controlling the risks of injury or ill health, then employers must ensure that it is available for use at work – free of charge. Employers have a legal duty under the Personal Protective Equipment At Work

Regulations to ensure that employees wear relevant PPE and employees also have a legal duty to co-operate with their  employer and wear such equipment. Where an employee refuses to wear PPE then you should consider the use of formal disciplinary action.  Whenever PPE has been issued you should require relevant employees to sign to acknowledge receipt of such equipment.  A sample PPE Issue Record is attached.  In addition you should require employees to sign to acknowledge having been instructed and trained on when and how to wear or use such equipment.

The self-employed

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