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Drivers slow down for UK Road Safety Week

Breaking the speed limit or travelling too fast for conditions is recorded by police at crash scenes as a contributory factor in one in four (23%) fatal crashes in Great Britain. Road Safety Week each November reminds us that speeding is a problem on many UK roads. With more powerful cars, trucks and commercial haulage vehicles today, it can be very easy to accelerate and exceed the speed limit. Encourage all your professional and commercial drivers and any of your staff that drive to work to focus on slowing down next week, along with many of the nations’ drivers.

Brake’s ‘Speed Down, Save Lives’ campaign for 2017 aims to raise awareness about the dangers of driving too fast:
• speed causes deaths and serious injuries on our roads
• rural roads are not race tracks
• 20mph is the only safe speed in heavily built-up areas used by pedestrians and cyclists
• going slow = stopping in time
• speed is scary and noisy. It stops communities being enjoyable places for children and families to walk, talk and play
• speed cameras work. They save lives.
• Intelligent Speed Adaptation (ISA) is an important development that is likely to be fitted to all vehicles in the future

By taking a fresh look at your driver behaviours, you can help to reduce the risk of road traffic accidents which will affect any of your company claims and policy costs in the future.

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