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Getting to the point! Andrew Bourne & Co getting you through a claim

When purchasing your insurance there are many factors to consider.

A lot of people focus on the price or service at the time of purchasing the insurance. At Andrew Bourne and Co we realise that the time when you insurance matters the most is not when you’re buying it but when you need to make a claim, at the end of the day you don’t buy insurance so you can experience our friendly and knowledgeable staff members when setting up your policy.

You buy it to protect yourself should the worst happen.

When you do have a claim a lot of businesses will find that they are in unfamiliar territory having not made a claim in years or even having never made a claim before. In this circumstance you need a professional to help you through the process and make sure you get the best outcome possible.

In order to help guide you through the process you can find our useful “What to do in the event of a claim” guide below.


What to Do in the Event of a Claim Guide