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Want to see a better return on your investment in workplace Health & Safety? – your insurance broker can help

When you’re introducing measures to improve health and safety in your workplace, any business owner or manager wants to ensure there’s a good return on their investment.

Want to see a better return on your investment in workplace Health & Safety? -	your insurance broker can help

Safety isn’t the responsibility of the business owner, any single employee or manager. Everyone in your commercial haulage business needs to be on board if you want to experience the benefits of a safe workplace.

The commercial haulage sector is a complex environment where there are specific factors involved in workplace safety measures including temperature control, multi-drop, time critical or heavy haulage requirements. You may have made recent changes to your driver operation, your on-site operation or need to update all your support staff to ensure compliance with the latest health and safety legislation. Any number of factors that affect workplace safety affect insurance risk, future claims and policy costs.

You may not realise that through your insurance broker, you can access a range of employee safety materials, including newsletters, health and safety guides, and annual health and safety statistics, that can help you establish a safety-focussed culture that keeps safety in the spotlight throughout the year.  Your broker can help you review available comprehensive HSE guidance and support you to protect your employees and ensure that your haulage business stays productive and avoids injury, illness and liability claims.

At Andrew Bourne and Co, we have an ever-expanding library of HSE safety resources, making it easy for us to support business owners to provide extra HSE-approved safety training whenever it’s needed.

With our many years’ experience in commercial haulage and logistics, we offer specialist expertise in assessing and mitigating risks. Our team spends time getting to know how your commercial haulage operation works and can support you to improve workplace safety in your business.

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